Hire An Awesome Photo Booth for your Party


Hire An Awesome Photo Booth for your Party


Your big bash

Established in 2011 we’ve loved taking our special photo booths to parties of all sizes ever since.

Our beautiful photo booths will compliment your special occasion while making everyone look fabulous and having them laugh their socks off.

The fun stuff

Whether it’s gifs, boomerangs or beautiful stills that you want, we’ve know how to make your party go with a bang!

Use our unique Photobot Mode to tell your guests what poses to pull, Classic Mode will recreate the timeless photo booth experience and Beauty Mode will take stunning photos that your guests will love.

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    A Special Occasion deserves a beautiful photo booth

    Uniquely crafted

    Designed by us and built by Kevin Butcher at Workhaus Furniture, ‘Dot’ is our own take on an open photobooth. This style of photobooth allow small and large groups to have their photos taken simultaneously which is perfect for events of all sizes.

    Vintage yet modern

    The references to Mid-Century Modern furniture are clear with Dot’s elegant Beech wood legs and rounded corners and yet Dot is still packed with the technology that makes our photobooths unique. A Nikon DSLR takes the photos lit by professional studio lighting while, behind the scenes, a powerful Mac takes care of all the image processing.

    Technology to entertain

    Once the photos have been taken Dot’s large side screen will show the results as they are printed. This becomes a focal point of any event as everyone’s photos are displayed in a slideshow for all to see!

    You’ve planned your day carefully, let Dot complete your look.

    How would you like the photo booth to work?

    Photobot Mode

    Photobot Mode will tell your guests what poses to pull which means no reason to feel camera shy.

    Our photo booth will randomly choose four poses for each visit and you can even choose the poses that the booth will use!

    Beauty Mode

    We’ve taken great care to ensure that our photo booths produce beautiful photos and Beauty Mode makes full use of our awesome set up.

    You can also add a Beauty shot to any other mode to ensure you get a fabulous photo of all of your guests! Perfect for a ball or brand event.

    Classic Mode

    Photo booths have been around for over a century and the experience of using them is timeless.

    Classic Mode will take and print a traditional photostrip in colour or black & white because sometimes you don’t need all of the bells and whistles.

    Our 4 hour Events Package - £1050+VAT

    Choose A Mode

    Photobot, Classic + Beauty Shot

    Unlimited Sessions

    No limit to the fun!

    Digital Files

    Downloads available after the event

    Facebook Gallery

    Optional after the event

    Share Pages & Gallery

    Find and share your photostrips

    4 Hour Hire

    And more if you want!

    Prints To Go

    Gifs with prints!

    Photobot Technician

    Will look after your guests

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